Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists

This quick read, not really that quick if you follow the footnotes, defines these two views of governance and encourages each reader to evaluate their principles as a citizen and an electorate; knowing that just because someone says ‘they are a Conservative’ does not mean that they understand, have ever read either their state or federal constitutions let alone govern by Constitutional principles.

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Samuel Adams Returns at The Nuart Theater

Samuel Adams Returns is an educational DVD that brings the actual words of Samuel Adams to the present. This presentation was made at the Nuart Theater in Moscow, Idaho. Tom has rewritten the speeches of Samuel Adams, and presented them to modern audiences while acting out his life and words. Join us and watch a real-life portrayal of Samuel Adams. Hear from The Forgotten Patriot in his own words.


Elections, Voting Integrity and Liberty

This DVD is Mr. Adams speaking directly about these key issues of Elections, Voting Integrity and Liberty from articles he wrote as early as 1748. Listen to Mr. Adams bring these timeless truths of Founders Intent relevant to the present.


From Covenant to the Present Constitution

A Textbook In Tyranny

As Predicted:

The Anti-Federalist Got It Right

From Covenant to the Present Constitution

This is the DVD or CD for the Seminars that Tom Niewulis gives in considering what the Founders Understood from before the inception of America. This is a walk through history in a way that not only looks at the ideal of Covenantal Federalism from it ancient meaning but develops the Framing of the Constitutions of 1787 to what we have in our present time.

What happened to Constitutionalism as the Founders intended and can we return to original intent or should we?

The book to be release in 2018.


BAstiat: The Law

"The Law" - what is it? What is it about a system that should provide justice but instead acts against the Citizenry.

Bastiat is a French writer circa 1850 who looks at republicanism, socialism, communism and how 'the Law' is affected by injustice.


Presentations and Seminars

This link takes you to the explanation and signup for Mr. Adams to join with you to hear from him and interact with him.

It also gives you greater insight to the seminars regarding the Constitution and Tom Niewulis books.