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Six years of delivering the seminar "The Tale of Two Constitutions" brought many requests for a workbook. A total of Ten Years in the making! The new Title is

From Covenant To The Present Constitution Workbook 

For over ten years people across The Republic have demanded their elected officials across all three government branches, most important the Judiciary, "Stand on the Constitution".

The Constitution most people have in mind when demanding this - is the one they were taught in grade school and may carry around as a little book in their pocket or give away like candy.

The reality is that the elected and the judiciary are in fact Standing and Acting according to the Constitution "As It IS".

These government officials are not standing and functioning on the original intention and interpretation of The Constitution. They are conducting themselves as if it is a "living document" - as it is interpreted today, tomorrow or next year.

This book is the long awaited, fully documented workbook for all who have attended seminar presentations and asked for a detailed walk-through of this reality.

References and explanations from each part of the seminar are given clear explanations and details.

Get your copy in Paperback and three eBook formats now at the link below!

Read the Author's Comments and Intro Here: Workbook_4_2_Constitutions

"From Covenant To The Present Constitution Workbook 

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From Covenant To ...

Thomas Niewulis


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