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Ted - Tea Party and Republican Party Leadership in AZ: "Your book is Great! It reminds me of just how much I do not know. Makes me want to go back and read the 5,000 Year Leap. As a matter of fact I just re-ordered the 5,000 Year Leap for my Kindle. I ordered the version with how to read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence."

Preface Excerpts

Here we are, looking at the results of the 2016 election with all the pundit yapping and propaganda of the media in general. I figured that it's about time that this work should be updated. Much has happened over the years since the original booklet was written and the first seminar given. I have had numerous questions about some of my original conclusions and the lists of people in the Reference section. With time, one learns more and in this regard I found it necessary to update the old writing with new insights, knowledge and yes, my opinion. Over these last six years I have greatly added to my personal reading lists with original Founders writings and documentation, increased in understanding of Founders Intent and extended research into that Intent for a Constitutional Republic as well as the amazing predictions of the Anti-federalists – This update is necessary.

...I will bring us to a more foundational insight of this populism based on Protestant Biblical Reformation thinking developed and transcendent in the lives and thinking of those that landed on the shores of America through to the present. The concept of this form of populism was the bane of Parliament during the colonial period as noted in the famous speech by Edmund Burke. As we have seen during the 2016 election cycle this same recessive gene of 'populism' came forth in the American DNA and it is even more so the bane of the globalists, modern-mercantilists and power-elite than it was during the founding era.

...With those just mentioned, the ideologies of the 'isms' has made an influence in the United States which is absolutely a disdain and contrarian to Founders Intent. I will also add in the footnotes the references to the writing by Jan Kozak and William Z. Foster which further explain the points of the 'isms' spoken by Khrushchev's prediction of taking the United States from within... 'And Not A Shot Is Fired.'

The original preface:

I wrote this discussion because of the great argument that ensued in the 2010 election about the so-called Tea Party candidates and Conservative candidates. After watching with disgust at how so called Conservatives treated those who came from the true grass roots, We The People, I decided to investigate and develop the information that would show that not all those that call themselves “Conservative” have ever considered reading the Constitution let alone understand its intent. Worse yet, the reality is that the Constitution as Amended is not the same as the original Constitution given in 1787. I fully develop this point in a forthcoming book based on the seminar I give called “A Textbook In Tyranny - As Predicted: The Anti- Federalist Got It Right - From Covenant to the Present Constitution” or simply: The Tale of Two Constitutions"...

...My contention and conclusion is that the Conservatives and the Republican Party have tolerated socialism for so long that they have Keynesian Marxist intheir ranks. Most are not even fully aware that they hold to these ideologies but look at what is regarded as “Social Justice,” “Social Economics” and any other emotionally driven social ideas core to the policy-makers in the party structure.

My hope is that we all return to the First Principles of Intent established by the Framers' Constitution and restore the full faith in the Liberties that 1787 was suppose to established for us. We must get re-educated about our real historical development and the true intent of our Framers.

Do you know what the Founders' intended for our Republic?
Do you even care?

What are you, a Conservative or a Constitutionalist? If you were a true Constitutionalist, you would by nature of the facts and definitions be a Populist summarized in the key Principles of a Conservative.

The hope here is that you take this book and research further for yourself why you want to be associated with a particular terminology and more importantly what are you trying to communicate to others through that association.

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Anne - Tea Party in MI: "I just finished reading the preface, which whet my appetite for more. Thinking I would read more later, I began drafting this response, but was drawn back to your writings. Having just begun page 12, I stopped briefly, to finish this note, then begin my daily routine. I wasn't expecting this, but must say, your words immediately drew me in, and made me hunger for more. I'm glad I started it. I'm enjoying the spark of anticipation you've inspired, and look forward to devouring every word!"

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