Continued Call to Action

In 1765 the erroneous and egregious Stamp Act forced regulation on everyday activities such that the people actually came together in a manner not seen by the political leaders of the day.  They protested in mass.  This tax law provided that all legal documents, newspapers, mortgages, titles, deeds and so forth, had to be printed on stamped paper, which was to be sold by the British government.  What is happening in local governments today if you want to do something?

Now stamped paper is not what we are experiencing today but, we are seeing exchanges and other cost to act according to our rights being imposed and escalated. It is time to get educated on the Habitat Exchange, the increase in business licensing fees, permitting to include trimming the trees on your private property and thousands of other regulations that are more than the average citizen can begin to look into.

More incredulous is the full push from the just completed Rio Summit that is moving as fast as the former SR-71 to impose the UN driven Agenda 21 and ECLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) upon YOU!

It is important that each individual understands and questions their elected persons why international initiatives are being foisted upon We The People?  Your “Call To Action” is to get informed and get answers as to why your representatives are allowing international domination over your Life, Liberty and Property.

See the Links on Property Rights – Especially on Agenda 21 & ECLEI

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