Destroying History? How to Restore.

Some are gleeful, almost ecstatic over the destruction of every aspect of that which does not meet their criteria of reality. I’ll state the Marxists/Stalinists perspective that all of past history must be destroyed so that the ‘new world’ can emerge pure and in the moral fabric of their creation.

Well, as we have seen over the last 100 years, that is not sound reality but that does not inhibit those whose intent it has always been to destroy the foundations of the United States. Interesting is the reality that humans have always had the problem of keeping history alive. Or should I say that modern Americans in the United States are the most incompetent at it. With all the libraries, Internet, eBooks and so on; you’d think we should be the most enlightened of all humans or earth – Just the opposite.

Ok, I’m not going to slam US so hard, except that our educational system is run by those already mentioned Marxists/Stalinists, but our earlier generations had similar problems because they were ‘busy’. The Author of “An Address on the LIFE AND CHARACTER of Samuel Adams Delivered in the OLD SOUTH CHURCH Boston October 26, 1884” puts it this way: “If it be asked why so great a man as Samuel Adams has waited almost a century for any suitable recognition at the hands of his countrymen, the answer is ready. We have neglected nearly all our ancient worthies until recently, giving them a very inadequate place both in literature and in art. We have tolerated rather than appreciated them in our history, assigning them any such accidental place as favor or prejudice might suggest. It may also be said that in most cases our fathers themselves failed to teach us the importance of historic memorials. They were generally busy men, absorbed in the work given them to do, and they had little thought for the record that would have to follow. And we too have been so occupied in the work of our own day that we have been sadly indifferent to the lessons which a faithful study of the past might have taught us.”

Interesting that after this personal admonition, our 19th Century forefathers seem to have come up with a resolution being: “But, happily, we have entered upon a new era in such matters. We have caught at last the inspiration which heroism and virtue ought to awaken in every patriotic heart. Already there are three statues of Samuel Adams in our country: one at Lexington erected ten years ago, another in the Capitol at Washington, and the third a conspicuous ornament of our own city since 1880. To these we now gratefully add the tablet which has been most appropriately placed on the walls of this sanctuary.” And holy-smokes ‘Batman’ statues are being taken down – worse – the church George Washington attended all of his life is taking the plaque dedicated to him out – Uggg.

Lastly for now, the real issue that the US refuses to address, based on the moral outrage of the minions and dupes of the afore mentioned ideological leaders – is what was again the solution of our 19th Century leaders: “The church of God is designed to be the foster-mother of its children. It fulfills its functions only when it nourishes and develops the best types of manhood. It is allowed certain privileges, under our laws, from the conviction which the American people have had from the beginning, that it is the best supporter of the civil power and the surest guarantee of a pure and intelligent patriotism which the state possesses. And this claim for the church has been abundantly established in the history of New England, not only in the substance of its teaching, but in the men whom it has taught. It is an inevitable deduction of logic that such men as Samuel Adams are the visible product of the New England church. Nothing else could have made them what they were. They were born and nurtured, trained and moulded under its powerful and penetrating influence. No one questions that the strong theology and the republican government of these churches, under an enlightened ministry, created the sturdy and independent patriots who laid broad and deep the foundations of our liberties. The doctrine of human rights, which became so popular in the colonies, was really formulated and at last legalized by those who, under the prevailing system of religious teaching, had reasoned it out of the Sacred Scriptures as God’s assured gift to man. It was certainly a growth, but a growth under the favorable conditions of a democratic church which was the first in the history of the world to educate all its people in the principles of civil and religious liberty.”

Now that’s shocking to understand in this day and age of an educational system and yes, even churches especially the present core New England denomination, that no longer look to God and Liberty.

What will it take to bring unity in to the US? I believe, if nothing else, just reading and teaching the Foundational principles truthfully as spoken in this 1884 address. Yet even more so, an honest return to all that would make – US – the moral and virtuous Citizenry that is absolutely necessary for our Constitutional Republic to continue for generations.

Source for the “An Address on the LIFE AND CHARACTER of Samuel Adams Delivered in the OLD SOUTH CHURCH” Boston October 26, 1884

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