The Early Days Of Liberty

It is clear that much has been disputed about who the Founders are and what their intent was for a Free People to understand and maintain Liberty.  In this blog, the discussion will be, from this moment forward, in the First Person of Samuel Adams perspective.

As you may know, I went to Harvard at the age of 14.  My parents wanted me to enter the ministry since it was a noble  and well respected life.  Yet as I read my Scriptures, the history of my Forefathers in the Colonies, the history of England, studied the law and the Constitution of my home Country – I became fully enamored with the English Constitution and politics.  As a topic for my first debate, I chose the topic “Libety.”

I heard, saw and lived much in my early life.  My Father having held public office, was a founder of “The Calkers” and having been financially embarrassed by the King and Parliament in the “Land Bank” over-through.  I obtained my love for Liberty early and held firm to my convictions for all my life.

I hope to remind you of the events and history that formed these United States and that many of the affairs that you face in the 21st century, we did indeed face in my day.  You see, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  This first entry is an opening introduction.   The lessons of history do resonate in the waves of time.  Will you learn from the first principles of truth or repeat the errors of those that lived in slavery before God granted the Colonies the opportunity to learn how to be the First Free Self-governed people in history – As the United States of America?

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